White contactless cards


Contactless cards come in the standard ISO format. Most of them are made of white PVC with a glossy surface, which allows the client to customize the cards through printing.

See further available RFID tags offered by HID Global.

Design & Applications


  • Standard format ISO 7810, 7816
  • Clamshell format also possible
  • Matt or glossy surfaces
  • With or without magnetic strip
  • Operating temperature: −20 °C to 50 °C

Wide variety

Our contactless cards are available with an exceptionally wide variety of chips and each chip is optimized for ultimate readability. LUX-IDent also offers combi chip cards with two chips on one card. Different combinations in low and high frequency are possible.

Magnetic strip

A magnetic strip (HiCo, LoCo) can be added for multiusage cards.



The drawing shows one of many antenna sizes / formats and chip positioning.

Available chip technologies

Manufacturer 125 kHz 13.56 MHz
EM Microelectronic EM4102, EM4200, EM4450
NXP Hitag® 1, Hitag® 2, Hitag® S 256bit, Hitag® S 2048bit MIFARE Ultralight® C, MIFARE Ultralight® EV1, MIFARE Classic® 1K EV1, MIFARE Classic® 4K EV1, MIFARE® DESFire® 256B EV1, MIFARE® DESFire® 2K EV1/EV2, MIFARE® DESFire® 4K EV1/EV2, MIFARE® DESFire® 8K EV1/EV2, MIFARE Plus® SE, MIFARE Plus® EV1 2K, MIFARE Plus® EV1 4K
I-Code® SLIX
NTAG213, NTAG215, NTAG216
SmartMX (JCOP)
Infineon NRG SLE66R35 1K
Microchip – Atmel ATA5577
Legic® Prime: MIM256, MIM1024
Advant: ATC256-MV410, ATC1024-MV110, ATC1024-MV010, ATC4096-MP311
CTC 4096-MP410, CTC 4096-MM410

Other ICs are available upon request.


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